Easy Free Database

by Maria Korolov of Hypergrid Business

Welcome to Easy Database


Designed to easier to save persistent variables in Second Life and OpenSim scripts.


http://outworldz.appspot.com/store?service=<service uuid>&keyfield=<variable name>&datafield=<data to be stored>



service uuid: unique identifier for your application. You can use a different one for each script, or share the same identifier across several scripts in order to share data.

You can use this page to generate a unique UUID.

keyfield: variable name or other identifier for your data

datafield: data that you want to be stored

This will return string OK as the body if successful.

You can get your data back by loading:

http://outworldz.appspot.com/load?service=<service uuid>&keyfield=<variable name>

To generate a random uuid: http://outworldz.appspot.com/rand